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Welcome to Center for Compassion Couples Counseling a Denver therapy practice that offers affordable  couple therapy, individual adult therapy, and couples workshops.

People are resilient and have the drive and ability to live in compassionate, fulfilling relationships and have healthy, satisfying lives. Our past and current relationships impact how we see our self and how we experience others. At times, our defensive thoughts and actions do not nurture the well-being and compassion that is at our core. Therapy encourages a safe environment to explore how to get untangled from unproductive cycles of conflict with those we love, and how understand our defenses to live a connected, authentic life.

I provide affordable couple counseling and individual therapy for adults. I counsel couples and adults seeking therapy to heal and strengthen relationships, to better cope with transitions, and to gain well being in relationships and in life. Together we will address conflict, anger, stress, emotional injury and fear. We will work to ease depression, anxiety, shame, grief and the effects of trauma.

If you seek to enrich your life and strengthen your relationships, I invite you to contact me.


Please note that due to the Covid19 Pandemic, at this time I offer therapy online only until it is safe for us to meet.